Peace, love and dreadlocks <3
Q: Was doing dreads a massive step ? Like I have curly hair but I want dreads but am a little scared 😩 Yours look beautiful though !! Who done them ? 😊

Yes it was a huge step because short of cutting all of your hair off it’s a permanent style. I do mine myself which is easier then it sounds (YouTube lol)
Make sure it’s what you want to do! Good luck and send me a pic if you end up doing them xxx

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Q: you are divine love

Thankyou! That’s a massive compliment! Xx

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Q: You are gorgeous.....


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Q: Hello! I just started following you and I was startled when I first saw you. My niece is a mini version of you! Both of you are beautiful! :) Love your blog!

Awwww well she sounds cute lol!

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Q: Whats it like being half Nigerian? Do you speak any Nigerian languages? have you been to Nigeria? Like are you in touch with your heritage

I love being half Nigerian, I grew up in a Nigerian house hold with my dad speaking Yoruba. Unfortunately as I’ve gotten older I’ve forgotten how to speak it but I can understand quite a bit so it isn’t all bad. I am in touch with both of my heritages both Irish and Nigerian as much as I can be. I’ve been to Ireland quite a lot (because it’s close to England) I’ve never been to Nigeria but I don’t think that makes a difference because I think I’ll go soon (:

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Q: Hey I'm a big fan of yours and love your tattoos. Where do you get you inspiration and/or ideas for your tattoos?

A lot of my tattoos are my own designs but others are things that I have seen on other people or in pictures and have adapted to myself. Some are personal and mean a lot or remind me of something and some are just because I like them. It’s all relative really xxx

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