Peace, love and dreadlocks <3
Q: Hi Yinka! What are your future aspirations?

to rule the world? haha no not really but definitely be an incredibly influential person in uk music (:

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Q: my boyfriend cheated on me and now i dont know what to do, he says he is sorry but its not the first time. i love him but I'm not sure if i should stay with him

The thing is; once you ‘take’ someone back after they have done a thing like cheat on you it can (and in your case it has) open a door to that becoming a trend or a recurring behaviour. In all honesty if he keeps cheating on you and you keep essentially allowing it to happen you’re not respecting yourself, you know you deserve better or you wouldn’t have written to me. And if you’re not respecting yourself how on earth can you expect him to have respect? You’re fast becoming a door mat and you need to get out of there before you start to believe that you’re worth as little as he is treating you!
Good luck!

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Q: Love your show! Do rinse have any work opportunities? Who do i email?

That would depend on what you wanna do, if you come off anon I’m sure I could atleast attempt to help (:

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